Our Story

Linda Gozales

Linda Gonzalez knows jewelry. It was her love for all things beautiful that first attracted her to accessories. And with a passion for business, she took her love for adornment to the next level by launching Just Julez Inc., named after her treasured son, Julian.

Since its inception in 2013—Just Julez Inc. has been a development and manufacturing private label jewelry house, focusing on brand identity for many of today’s retail industry heavyweights. Linda’s ability to identify the key trends and designs women desire has allowed partnering retailers to profitably grow their businesses.

After years of producing lines for other retailers—it was inevitable that Linda would launch her own line with Xojulez. Designs that are personal, and inspired by her desire to create pieces that you will covet in today's world of fast fashion. Her appetite for creating jewelry, which brings effortless and everlasting style into someone’s life, inspires her daily.

Each piece is crafted with diversity in mind,  intended to be worn forever…

“It’s the emotion that one piece of jewelry can stir in us all.  To covet, to treasure one piece of jewelry at a time.”

Linda resides in Rhode Island, but will always be a California girl at heart.